Questions about BH10LS38

Hey all, I want to buy a Bluray writer, I found a BH10LS38 for a good price, should I buy that one? I will use Verbatim BD discs, can it write those properly (does it have a good write strategy for those)? Also, can BH10LS38 write dual-layer bluray discs (50GB)? Is this drive alright or should I avoid this one?
Does it have a Renesas chipset? Does that mean it can’t quality scan?

The drive seems to be equipped very well.
The BH10LS38 even has HD-DVD and XD-RW-US+.

No reason not to buy one. Except general HL-DT-ST disadvantages such as the disability to do error scans.

Yes, it can BD-R DL. Yes, it have a Renesas-chipset and can´t scan.

I have the BH10LS30 and if writing quality matters it´s better than the LG 14x and 16x with MTK-chipset. However, newer LGs are overall faster.

The actual LG-writers can only scan with special FWs, I crossflashed my BH16NS55 to WH16NS58 for scanning.

These writers are not bad, but more picky with some media.

Overall I would recommend Pioneer-drives, but scanning with it is not possible

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But Pioneer has scanning?
(I have an old DVD105SZ from school, older than I am. But a few months ago, a faulty power supply unit destroyed it.)

Our DVD recorder DV-RW250 also has a Pioneer, DVR-R07. Strange ZIF connector.

Don´t know any Pioneer which was able to scan, at least oout of the box. Maybe the FW-experts know whether there is a hacked FW for some drives, but I don´t know one