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I have some questions concerning AvailableSpeeds and WriteSpeeds property of NeroDrive object.

[li]What is the difference between AvailableSpeeds and WriteSpeeds? I guess, AvailableSpeeds is used for the general write speed of the device and WriteSpeeds for the current media?
[/li][li]Nero burning ROM returns a write speed of up to 20x (3000kB/s) where WriteSpeeds returns only one speed which is 1x(150kB/s) for the same CD. If I use WriteSpeeds with a certain DVD inserted, it returns 4x(600kB/s) which is correct for this media
[/li][li]How do update the WriteSpeeds correctly if a new media was inserted? I tried it with UpdateDeviceInfo.

I use a PlextorCombo PLEXTOR CD-R PX-320A 20/10/40 - 12A

Raffael Walther


Generally all write and read speeds respectively are for media currently present in the drive. But there is a difference between CD and DVD media. Due to the specification, recorder can return reliable write/read speeds for DVDs only if appropriate medium is present, in opposite to CD speeds where medium is not requiered.

  1. WriteSpeeds are initialized only once, if device infos are retrieve and depend on media type passed to the GetDrives method. AvailableSpeeds should be used instead to get current possible write/read speeds matching the drive and medium capabilities.
  2. Calling AvailableSpeeds is enough.



Thanks for your answer, but I still have some problems.

[li]GetDrives (I tried different NERO_MEDIA_CD, NERO_MEDIA_CDR and NERO_MEDIA_CDW)
[/li][li]Set NeroDrive object
[/li][li]Wait for OnDoneCDInfo of NeroDrive object to be called
[/li][li]Get AvailableSpeeds respectivelly WriteSpeeds

WriteSpeeds and AvailableSpeed always return 150kB/s only, also regardless the MediaType I select for AvailableSpeeds. The media I use is a CDR (MediaType property of pCDInfo of OnDoneCDInfo Event returns this).

Another thing is, that the write speed seems to be ignored by BurnIsoAudioCD function. Regardless what I enter for the speed (I tried 4 and 10), it always takes as long as it would be set to 1x (150kB/s). Maybe the function automatically used the maximum available speed?

If I use the same media (same type from the same manufacturer from the same package, just exactly the same type of media), with the same CD-Drive in the same computer with NeroBurning ROM 6, I can burn with much higher speeds.

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Report to the thread “Very Very Strange Nerocom” :

Your problem is a NeroSDK bug !




Looking foreware to the update.

Raffael Walther