Questions about ANY DVD

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I have been looking for software to make dupicates of some DVD’s I just bought. Can’t do it. A young fellow at Staples (USA) looked at the files and said they are VOB files. Suggested I buy ANY DVD or DVD FAB

!. When in the USA can I buy it. I don’t see listed anywhere.

  1. I read some posts about ANY DVD over heating the computer. This scares me as I just bought my Lap Top and have had it only three weeks now.

  2. How user friendly is ANY DVD?

Would appreciated your assistance.


You can download either AnyDVD or DVDFab. There are free trials for you to test the programs, but in order to use them past the trial, you would need to purchase them online with a credit card.

AnyDVD will not overheat your computer. Period. Don’t know where that came from.

AnyDVD runs in the background. All you have to do is start it and insert a disk into your dvd drive. It will do all the work of decryption on its own. The built in ripper is useful for disks with a lot of protection. You access it by right clicking the fox icon at the bottom right of the screen while AnyDVD is running.

AnyDVD is purely a decryption/ripping program though. It will not reduce a large dvd down in size to fit a single layer recordable disk. You can use free software in conjunction with it however. DVDShrink + AnyDVD is a good combination for most disks.

DVDFab is an all-in-one program. It can break encryption, rip and reduce the size of the dvd.

There is still a way to use free tools entirely and make good backups of your disks. It just won’t be in one convenient package. DVDFab has a free section, called DVDFab HD Decrypter. It will continue to function as a decryption/ripping program even after the trial expires. You can then use DVDShrink to reduce the size of the dvds if that is necessary, and you can use a free burning program called ImgBurn to burn to disks.

While you have the free trial of DVDFab, you should explore its capabilites and see if it is worth it to have everything contained in one program.

I use AnyDVD HD. I like that it can be used with other programs and it is the only effective decryption program for Blu Ray. So, you have to know what parts are important for your own uses. Which is why you should try the software before buying.

Good luck. If you have questions, just let us know. By the way, don’t try to use AnyDVD and DVDFab at the same time.

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Thank you Kerry 56.
The DVD I am trying to Duplicate has 12 30 minute lectures on each Disk. Thats too much for the standard 4gig blank DVD to nhandle. So, is it possible to sellect with ANY DVD just four lectures at a time and then burn?

OK, the free ANYDVD down load, will that actually let me try to copy a DVD or is it one of these free downloads that ONLY allows you to view material to see if it’s adequate for you the end user.

I’ve merged your threads old.katz and will attempt to answer both here.

There are several ways to deal with the dvd in question, depending on how it is organized. If each lecture is a separate title on the disk, you can simple select the titles you want in DVDShrink (ReAuthor mode) and rip that way. Use AnyDVD in the background to break encryption.

If it isn’t conveniently organized, you can use the Start/End Frame tool in DVDShrink ReAuthor mode and set the beginning and end of each video you want. Then backup to these small dvd-videos without compression.

DVDShrink can also shrink the entire disk in size to fit, but it sounds like the video is already highly compressed to get that much onto one disk! So I wouldn’t do it this way.

The trial for AnyDVD is fully functional. 21 days is the time period I believe.

DVDShrink is free to download and use. You can click on the name here at cdfreaks and it will take you to the download. There are also many guides for it in our Copy Movie forum and at various sites around the net, including and

Thank you Kelly 56.

>>>>[B]DVDShrink can also shrink the entire disk in size to fit, but it sounds like the video is already highly compressed to get that much onto one disk! So I wouldn’t do it this way[/B].<<<<<

Yes, the DVD is compressed. It has 12 30 min lectures with lots of graphics so it eats up a lot of space. Each disk is over 6 + megabites. The memorex blank DVD is 4+ gigabits. From what you just said in the above quote I won’t try it. Did I tell you the files are VOB?

Yes, each lecture is a seperate title on the disk. Fortunately there is a fellow here at Staples Stationary supply that uses ANY DVD so I think he can help me in the initial set up. This stuff is all Greek to me.(:slight_smile:

One more question regarding payment: I don’t use credit cards over the internet, HOWEVER there are VISA and MASTER CARD Gift Cards that are used regularly here in the USA. (I don’t know where you are…in the UK?) Can I use one of these Visa Gift cards?


Most commercial dvds are larger than the 4.3gb you can get on a single layer dvdr. Which is why DVDShrink and other compression programs were developed in the first place. The running time is what is unusual in your disk. Most dvds, even commercial ones, will not have more than about 3 1/2 to 4hrs of play. 12 thirty minute lectures comes to 6hrs of run time, which is quite a lot. So the original encoding must use a fairly meager bitrate. Compressing that will make the video look much worse.

The gift cards can be used anywhere a regular card can be used and are prepaid, so I don’t see a problem buying the program this way. I am in West Texas by the way…hope that counts as being in the US. :slight_smile:

OK…based on what you just said I may run into some difficulty?

Also I just clicked on DVDshrink and read some of the reviews. Two that struck me were as follows:

>>>>>[B][I]Posted by aussiewien on Thursday 07 September 2006 16:08
Hi, i have been ussing DVD shrink now fopr the past 12 months and untill yesterday I thought it was Bees Knees,then after burning some 60 DVDs I receive this message,Does not have a valid CSS key,what is a CSS keyand were does one find it.
Have recommended DVD shrink to at least 20 people,and they think it is great<<<<<<

>>>>>Posted by Sisko on Saturday 18 November 2006 17:20
There are now two “versions” of DVD Shrink 3.2. ( One that will give you the option to burn automatically with the freeware program ImgBurn instead of DVD Decrypter, and the other is a CSS free (without any decrypt part). The later one is for countries where the original DVDShrink wound’t be legal to use. Just search for any of these two. [/I][/B]<<<<<<

So what is CSS key and is this something I should be concerned about. The person above says there are two versions but I see only one listed when I go to the site to download.

Those posts are old. CSS is an encryption, that is why you need AnyDVD or DVD Fab to rip DVD to your hard drive.
Shrink is than used for compression or splitting files.
It is an old software not updated any more, but if your DVD is like four years old or older it may still work. However, lectures may use different encryption, that is why it would be a good idea to try the software first. AnyDVD is full functional in try version.
I think you will have a problem with a gift card payment, since all on line stores cannot deduct from it unless you send it to them.

DVDShrink has the ability to decrypt and rip dvds that have simple CSS protection (Content Scrambling System). Since development stopped on Shrink many years ago, more protection schemes have been introduced to prevent copying, and Shrink cannot deal with these on its own. Which is the whole point of buying AnyDVD or DVDFab since they are still being updated. Shrink is still a good compression program and can be used for selecting certain parts of the dvd once the video has been decrypted.

The version of Shrink that uses ImgBurn was made by someone other than the original author. It replaces DVDDecrypter as an option to burn automatically from Shrink (normally Shrink uses Nero or DVDDecrypter for this since it did not have a native burning engine). If you are interested in this version, you can find it here:

You would need to unpack the rar file, then replace the executable file in C:\Program Files\DVDShrink\ with the one found in the download.

I wasn’t aware there would be a problem with the gift card CDuncle. Perhaps he can contact his credit card company and get a temporary number for one time use?

Texas is a country all by itself! (:slight_smile:

Ok. I’ll go to any DVD site and see what I can find out about the payment with Visa Gift Cards. If I can’t use them I’ll just have to take the risk.
Thanks for all the help.