Questions about a converted DH16A3L



I managed to convert a DH16A3L to a DH20A3L. CD read and write speed increased. Who would’ve known…

Anyway, I currently have it flashed with C0deking’s EV6D firmware. Is there a better or more up to date version? The official LiteOn one does not work/flash. The current firmwares I found for this drive are EP5A, EP58, EV64, EV68, EV6D so which one?

Another thing, whenever I burn Audio CDs, my car’s CD player does not like any of them. As in they will error out before playing. My new LG drive works fine. It also has issues with burning DVDs where only it will read the DVDs it produces. Is this a hardware issue or is there something I can try?


I went with the EP5A after checking the time stamps(this one says 2010) and after burning one Audio CD, looks like my issues have been mostly solved. My car does not like track 1 but is fine with the rest. Hopefully this was not a fluke. Haven’t tested DVDs yet.