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Hello everybody!

I’m a student form the University of Utrecht and I’m doing a course called Computer-Mediated Communication. For this course we do a project about Online Communities.

Each student have to choose a Online Community to review and analyse it. I’ve been a member of CDfreaks for years, then with the nickname: Tekkie. So I choose CDfreaks to analyse. For a good analysis we not only need our own view on the community, but we also want the opinions of the members. After we collected all the data, we compare them wih other Online Communities and we then can see what the similarities and differences are. Then we also can look at the main needs of a member of a community etc.

So if you want to, I would like you to fill in a quick questionnaire. I would really appreciate it and I’ll eventually post all the results in this thread.

If you want to help me with my project, you can go to and fill in the questionnaire.

Thanks to everybody that takes the time and effort to fill it in!

Greetings Antek


This questionnaire has also been posted in the Dutch livingroom. I’d like to ask those who already answered the Dutch version of this questionnaire not to answer the English version again. I’m pretty sure that Antek prefers realistic results.
Yes I know there little ppl in the Dutch forums

Interesting enough to give it a little bump :wink:

I have filled in your form (again! ;)). To the rest of you I can calm you by saying it isnt terribly long. So go ahead and click! I command it!

Thanks man! There are 5 pages with questions.

Till now, Ive got 13 filled in questionnaires. :rolleyes:

Come on people! :stuck_out_tongue:

I just tried the link but did not see a questionaire

i tried too but did not get to a form…

Sorry, my projectleaders have closed the form. They didn’t translated the comment on the page. It says: “Unfortunately it isnt possible anymore to fill in the questionnaire”. I didn’t knew they would do it that fast after it came online… It’s a pity, because I haven’t got many results now.

I’m affraid I can’t re-open the form anymore, but I would like to say thanks to all the people that have filled it in!

SO we are doing your homework now ! … huh … But if the pope says click it , I`ll click it :stuck_out_tongue:

I managed to fill it in in the beginning - sorry that you didnt get all the help you needed

why don’t he …write it out long form…and lets cut and paste our answers?

Create poll threads for all questions.