Questionable Burn on Pioneer DVR-111D (Audio CD problems)



I am new to this forum and I have problems playing the audio CDs that I have burned with the DVR-111D.

Now I also tried burning some Audio CDs and they didn’t play well in my Kenwood HI-FI and therefore wouldn’t play well in my Honda Civic. The last two tracks started to skip. HP branded CDs (bought a long time ago), CMC by ID. Burned with 111D (1.23) at 10x. Read from the same burner at max speed. The speed reading graph isn’t smooth like those that I’ve seen and there seems to be a little too many C2 errors.

Here’s the same CD but burned with the 1.29 firmware. About the same result as 1.23.

Lastly another audio CD, but burned with 111D (1.23) at 4x. Read from same burner at max speed. This one is even worse, the last 10 tracks won’t play and the HI-FI just skips to the next CD in the tray.

Any help in fixing these problems will be greatly appreciated. I don’t mind buying some other media to try, but I would need some help in picking this since a lot of online sources are out of date. I can find some Pioneer brand CD and Sony CD (not quite sure what their IDs may be). What do you guys recommend?


I’d be rather concerned about the burst rate achieved of 14MB/s. Mine shows 27MB/s with a CD and 40MB/s with a DVD present.

Maybe you need to ensure you’ve got an 80wire IDE cable & that the burner is in Ultra DMA mode 4. Looks like it might be in PIO mode.


Besides, this post already were posted (doublepost!) and the Pioneer drive scans are not reliable.


Yes this post is a doublepost, but in the Pioneer drive scan page it’s long and doesn’t have a title asking the question :slight_smile:

I see you point about the 40 Pin Cable vs 80 Pin Cable. I’ll check that out. I thought someone mentioned that the Pioneer isn’t a reliable scanner for DVDs, they never mentioned this for CDs. So there’s nothing wrong with my drive then? So what would most likely be the Media IDs of Pioneer 650MB CDR and the Sony 700 MB CDR? And which would you recommend for Audio CDs. Thank you.


CD-R media doesn’t have Media IDs like DVDs .

Personally I stick with Verbatim CD-R media. In the UK & Europe the best are Pastels (a Taiyo Yuden dye) & Super AZO. If you can find any Verbatim Extra Protection that are made in Japan they should be very good as well.


Pioneer 111D is not a very good scanner for both DVD or CD-R. I remember sticking a CD-R in for scanning and its results lacked any useful information about the quality of an acceptable CD-R burn. I believe Pioneer 111D with its default firmware is only good for picking severe errors.


How can I tell if the Verbatim CD-R media are made in Japan or not from looking at the packaging?


They always have such an Info. “Manufactured in …”