Far cry is protected by Safedisc 3. Ok, but when i’ve burned it, i had no problem, and the DVD works like the image file.

Why with the sims2 (that have safedisc 3 like far cry), i can’t burn it correctly ?.

What software did you use to backup farcry and sims 2?

No, i don’t know bakup files from dvd (i see many error) , and i’ve downloaded the iso from internet… After i’ve burn the iso of Far cry without problem…it work, but when i’ve burned the sims 2 cd1, the game don’t start…

Since only legal matters are dealt with on this forum, i’m afraid i can’t help you any further. Downloading copyrighted material like this is illegal. :cop:

But i’ve downloaded the iso because i can’t read it from cd …I’ve tryed to read from cd with alcohol, but the read was failed, and for this i’ve downloaded the iso…

ok, i think this is legal, if he owns the original game, however the iso would be illegal as to work it would have used a illegal nocd, this would be why the iso worked, so dont discuss it here :cop:, so to make a working and legal backup of the sims 2 i would just read using alcohol 120% using the safedisc 2/3 profile, then mount the image.

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Still illegal, yeah i know the law sucks but that ISO probably contains a modified exe.


i have read with Safedisc 2/3 profile, but the read failed … Maybe my device don’t support safedisc ? i’ve NEC 3500

yeh, a iso file cant hold copy protection data, only the files and a volume label, so the only way to get it to work would have been if they (the people who made the iso) put a illegal nocd in it instad of then protected one.

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in cocnlusion, why far cry copy work and the sims 2 no ?

beacuse the person who you illegally obtained the iso from probably didn’t do a very good job reading it. Instead you will need to use the image through a virtual drive as i’ve seen these isos and they are not worth the time it took to download.

Thread closed…

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Downloading games from the internet is illegal and discussion of such things is against the Forum Rules.
Do not post ablout your downloaded ISO again.