ok guys after carefully listening to all your recommendations on which dvd +/- rw drive to buy i finally decided upon the liteon sohw-812s which i just purchased from minutes ago.

thank you the recommendations btw

now i have another question i’m hoping you guys can answer for me.

what would be the best place online for me to purchase dvd-r and cd-r media from?

i’m basically looking for the best quality lowest priced media i can find in order to start burning xbox and ps2 games as well as vcd movies.

any info on this subject would be greatly appreciated

thx again



welcome to the CDFreaks forums k1ng g30rg3!

the 812 really likes dvd+R media so you should look for that type.

best brand that work are Taiyo Yudens you can get 50 for 38$ if you live in the us at

caviet: im dont know alot about backing up game titles and what disks work best for that.