Hello guys of the forum!
I’m new around here and i want question about why when i’m writing a PSX game, it takes so long!
Kan you help me?
I have a Sony 215E1 48x24x48

Thank you


Please provide more info:

Burner used?
Profile used?
CloneCD version or other app used to make the backup?
Blank Media type used (dye info?) ?
Burn Speed?
It takes long to wrote the PSX game, but does it play in the Playstation? Is the playstation mod chipped?

With these answered it will be easier to provide you with better more accurate assistance.


download this profile and put it in your cloncd directory

start clonecd and use it to back-up the cd

hopefully it works


I use a CD-RW Sony CR215E1 48x24x48

I burn in max speed.

I don’t know waht is a Dye.Can you tell me?But if its the maker of the cd it’s EMTEC or Something like that 48x
The profile : data CD

the burner writes in 2000Kb/second but only when i use the turbo boost function. If don’t it writes in 800/950

Yes, some of the burned cd works but other not, like the WTC (World toca touring cars). And i write to my friends, not for me, but they all have a chipped PSX.

If Helps, i got a Celeron 900MHZ
128MB Ram
Win me


Well, use the profile damiandimitri linked to above because the game might have that protection on it. Also lower the reading and writing speed to anywhere between 4x or 6x or 8x. Don’t go higher than 8x.

I don’t know about the “turbo boost function” you are talking about nor did I know that CloneCD had that option. I have a very new drive and I don’t even see that option anywhere.

Good luck and let us know what happened with that profile you used.


That turbo-boost function is on my drive.
If i press 5 seconds the eject button, the drive writes in 48x


When you write a normal data compilation (using the same CD-R discs), can your drive burn at maximum speed?