Hi Guys I Have a question. I Have 2 computers That I copy movies on. Both using the new version of anydvd and clonedvd2. My question is The one I built using a nec dvd writer reads and burns in under 30 minutes. This hp slimline I bought with there dvd writer in it reads and burns in a hour and a half. If I updated the firmware on this hp writer will this speed up my reading and writing.


Make sure the burner is in dma mode.


lol how do i do that sorry


Start menu/ control panel/ system/ hardware/ device manager/ ide controlers/ right click secondary, select properties/ advanced Here should be the option to set dma, along with your current operating mode.


Mikeerwin -

Perhaps the below Web Link will be helpful to you in ensuring that your DVD devises are correctly configured in the DMA Mode ->

To obtain consistent quality error free results it is prudent to ensure that the DVD Burner always has the newest most current up to date Firmware available installed.



Thankyou BeLooken,
I had a link book marked, but found it wouldn’t work when I tried to post it for the OP.
I will save your link, as its valualbe info to have readily available.:iagree: