curious if anyone has backed up main movie on this flick, Unbearable Lightness of Being - this is the DVD version released 2/06…What I found is that only 116 minutes of the 172 minutes of the movie were listed in Fab under Main movie selection, and in fact that is all that rips! Now this is a 2 disc set, but 2nd should be just a typical bonus(making of…) disc. Does anyone know if it movie actually continues on 2nd disc? Seems weird that would be, but…Attempted backup for friend who is out of town currently, so unknown at this point how returned main original disc actually plays.


It’s very possible that it continues on the 2nd disc, although I haven’t bought the movie. I have a retail bought copy Pearl Harbor that the movie continues on the 2nd disc. Sorry if I wasn’t much help.


Yeah, sorry Larry, dunno since I don’t have the movie. It seems very weird though, that the movie and the extra features both, would be split. I mean the point of that would be… :doh:. Btw, I’ve seen mixed reviews, is the movie any good?


Here is some information. Looks like both discs are DL, so I would guess that since there appears to be 2 size formats that it does continue on second disc. This one posted as 2/2005 but think it may be same. This sited has a lot of movie information:



Guys, thanks for the input! I’ll get the second disc and check it out. Tom, I don’t think I would by choice sit through - but apparently people loved it or hated it…might be a good one to throw in if I upset the other half!, not “If”, but “when”!!


…lol… :iagree: