Is There Something wrong with DVDFab Express Mode, cause I was backing up my Unleashed DVD, and there is always seem to be a slight freeze when you Express mode and not only that when I do chapter skip with my DVD Controller, it freezes also, and when I speed it up too, it freezes, is there any problem with, I got an LG GSA-5163D, and I updated to the latest firmware update, and the media I use is Verbatims, it’s not Dual Layer though, and it’s a External DVD Burner too

Fab has had problems with external burners. Are you trying to put a complete DL on a SL? You may want to try just copying main movie.


I did copy main movie, I don’t have Dual Layer DVD’s, and even with main movie, It still shows some freezing points, It did 3 times in the movie, I can’t skip chapters or speed up because it freezes and stays frozen

Is this the only bkup that’s giving you trouble? As Mack said, external burners can be “troublesome”. This sounds like a new problem for you. Personally, the latest version of express, is working just fine in my two systems.

It happened a couple of times, with War Of The Worlds and I think The Legend Of Zorro, the thing is DVDFab Gold works fine for me, but the Express Version gives me trouble

I have not used external drives and wondering if you can set DMA on them like you can on internal ide devices. Also might consider setting up a virtual drive on HD to make a decrypted movie, then just copy it to the external burner. Also like Tom said some stand alone players are picky. I bought went through 3 players before I found one that would play rented DVDs or new ones. The first one was an Emerson that was a gift that took back to Walmart and paid difference and bought a Samsung that would not play some movies we had already rented so we watched them on my computer and returned Samsung for refund and took videos back to Blockbuster where they played on their player, but they gave us credit to use when VHS versions were back in stock. Then I ordered a Sylvania dual VHS/DVD refurbished one thing it had been gone over by a tech person, but it did not play the DVDs we had bought to test the others. We called support since it was still in warranty and was given the name of an authorized repair shop in a small city. We took it there and there was an older man who ask it it was in the 1st 90 days which it was. He said he would have to order a new player to put inside it, we were going to Sam’s Club on way back ans saw a Magnavox for $32 and it played right out of the box. I got my Sylvania back and it plays now, but Tom had recommend a Liteon 5005 to use to transfer my VHS tapes to DVD, and it will play about anything. Did not mean to ramble but want to let people know that players are picky.


I got a Magnovox DVD Player

External DVD Burner don’t get DMA Enabled, besides my USB Data Cable doesn’t work anymore, I am using it through Firewire now