If I purchase the program, does it come on CD’s or do I just get a registration code?

What program is it?

I am referring to CloneDVD2… I received an email with an attachment. I clicked it and my program works. I am confused because I actually didn’t see a registration code…it just gave me a message that it was “ok” and restart the program. That worked… can someone please explain the key code thing a little. I know this is probably a stupid question, sorry.

It’s a registry key to register it in your name and to take away the time limit.

PS, don’t lose it, copy it to a floppy or somthing.

Ok…but there are no numbers or anything to input…you just click on it and it activates itself?

Yup. It’s a registry file that imports registry keys into the registry directly. The registry file has your name and serial number in it. Rather than typing it in, you import the file into the registry and it’s ready to go.

Thank you.

staying somewhat on topic! When I purchase these 2 products together (clone and anyDVD) can I put it onto my laptop computer as well as my home system? Since there is no numbers to imput–looks like I cant do that???

Not to sure ? You maybe allowed to do it if you don’t use both at the same time or you may have to pay for another license ?

I sent an email to Slysoft and asked if I could put the programs on my 2 personal computers. They said no problem as long as it was for my personal use.

Sound’s good. :bigsmile: