Question year manufacturer my discs

How to find out the manufacturing year of my Verbatim DVD-R? Do you have any code on the disk that provides this information?

Yes, the serial number printed or heat stamped into the hub. How to interpret the number depends on who manufactured the disc.

For Moser Baer & Prodisc the serial number starts with a group of (usually) 4 numerals, such as 4123. The first numeral denotes the year - in this case 2014, or on old discs 2004. The rest are which day of the year the disc was made - in this case the 123rd day, which is 3rd May (or 2nd May in leap years).

For CMC Magnetics the code is more complicated and is decoded as shown in the image below.

I don’t know of a method to identify the manufacturing date of discs made by Falcon Media (FTI) or Verbatim’s own factory in Singapore. But if there is a method it must involve the hub code. The other number you can see on the underside of the disc on the inner edge of the recording are is the stamper code. Stampers are very expensive and have a long working life, so are changed infrequently.

[B][U]Deciphering CMC Magnetics hub codes[/U][/B]

In my dvd-r 16x verbatim azo mcc 03rg20 the codes are difficult to read codes but I think it’s like this:
MAP642UE24061524 and

“MAP642UE24061524” is the format for discs manufactured by CMC, so the image Ibex posted can help you figure out the date.

UE24 = 2016 May 24

(0615 = 06:15, or 6:15 AM).

By the way, you’re reading the second code (the Verbatim stamper code) backwards. It’s ZE5788-DVR-J47E4.

Thanks friend for the information, I did not know that my disc was manufactured in 2016 (very new the disc), the difficult thing is to read and interpret the code, how did you get this information? Does the manufacturer provide the code interpret?

Because UE24 = 2016 May 24?

The information came from another forum. I do not know how they got it.

But like I said, what Ibex posted tells you how to read the code for these discs.

The information came from another forum but is it true information? Does CMC interpret this code in this way?true information?

[QUOTE=retrogamer15;2784953]The information came from another forum but is it true information? Does CMC interpret this code in this way?true information?[/QUOTE]
So far it has been consistent with what we have observed. Therefore most of the rational minds around here have reached the consensus that we are content to treat it as true until such time that inconsistencies are observed which can only be accounted for by reassessing the established methodology of deciphering the code using a peer reviewed process.

If you are seeking a higher level of truth, then unfortunately you are seeking knowledge far beyond what we can supply and I suggest you consult your vicar, rabbi, priest, imam or cult leader.

I just try to find out if whoever deciphered this code speaks the truth