Question whats the average time it takes u to back up a dvd9?



I used dvd shrink and it took about 2 hrs to make a complete back-up, just wondering how long it might take someone else?


with compression or without???Most dvd’s are on a dvd9 and with compression they will fit to a dvd5. I havent yet used a dvd9 as they are still expensive in my taste. Especially if they can compress with no quality difference or minimul.

From a dvd9 to dvd5 for me it normally takes 20minutes tops for the rip and burn process.

It also depends on your rig as well


1 hour 30 min for movie-only backups with DVDREasy and OPV setting for Cinema Craft Encoder,ripping with DvdDecrypter included… :bigsmile:


Shrink times will depend on how much compression needed.
Its encoding time for me can be anywhere from 5 -40 mins depending upon the movie. Ive normally already ripped to HD using decrypter - that takes 10 - 15 mins. A 4x burn is then 15 mins.

A kick ass CPU = less encoding time