Question: What parameters are most important in choosing a printer for home use?



My wife and I are looking for an all-in-one printer for our apartment. We’re mostly going to be printing black and white documents for school/work and occasional photo-printing as well.

I spent a couple hours looking at printers, and it’s a little overwhelming. Do you have any advice? We have $175 in gift cards at B&H, so that’s also guiding the decision making process.

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I would recommend looking at the Epson L series printers that use large refillable ink tanks instead of the common ink cartridges. You will pay more for the printer but your ink costs with drop dramatically. The longer you use it the more you save. Here is a link:


Hi UTR, thanks for the quick reply. Epson’s ink tanks look like a cool idea, and the reviews on amazon support the money savings potential, but it appears that B&H doesn’t carry this product line, and at ~$250 for the entry level L series I don’t think we could justify the cost.


Check which ones clone cartridges are available for


On the features side of things wireless printing can be very handy.

To do this you either need a network enabled printer or one with wireless access built in.

I have mine plugged into my router and it means my wife and I can print to it directly from our laptops, tablets etc.



[QUOTE=UTR;2749575]I would recommend looking at the Epson L series printers that use large refillable ink tanks instead of the common ink cartridges.[/QUOTE]
Although I’ve seen CISS retrofit kits for printers, I didn’t realise any printer manufacturer did their own printers with CISS and certainly would not have imagined Epson doing this with how fussy their printers are about non genuine ink cartridges.

Had I known about this before we replaced our last multifuction, I certainly would have gone for this type as we go through quite a lot of photo paper and ink, although we do use the low cost non-genuine ink. :wink:


I guess epson figured it out that if you can’t beat join em :bigsmile:


Just finished doing the research and purchase of an Epson WorkForce WF-2650 all-in-one. Great product overall and the price at Office Depot/Max was $80. B&H is a good dealer for this, btw.
This unit has 4 ink cartridges and is very fast in both color and B&W. Ink is not expensive compared to several HP models that I looked at. (I’m an old HP user, btw)
What I like is the way one can connect this unit to either a desktop or laptop. Since I have a wired network and WiFi router it is not hard at all. If you need help Epson tech support will walk you thru the setup. My setup, with 4 computers links the printer using my router’s IP addresses.

Just another review for you to consider.


The better workforce printers use a new wider full page printhead that prints quick and uses a lot less in according to the reviews.
I have a old HP 990 that uses the old large carts and prints beautifully for what it is. Hard part is finding good remanned or new carts cheap. I also have a few Epsons but they have issues with the printheads drying out and clogging if you don’t leave them on and use them occasionally. I use generic carts in all of them when I find good quality ones but my R800 is getting hard to find good ones and has been sitting, the R220 dried up, and I was given a R260 with new carts that will run out of ink soon. Anyways those new workforce ones look interesting and I might pick one up eventually when I can’t find ink or one of the main ones break.
I always check on price of carts, print quality, and features when looking around.
The 990 had built in duplex printing, prints great on any paper, and auto aligns itself when a new cart is installed. The Epsons print on media and do awesome glossy photo prints, when working, but regular documents aren’t as nice as my 990, but of course all of these are pretty old now and things change.