Question to those who own an NEC-1100A DVD Burner

I’ve read about the unit online as much as I could find, including all the threads there that showed up under a search, and I’m still somewhat torn as money is always tight here, and for me, this is still a lot to drop down on a moments notice.

NewEgg has the drive for $159 right now, and I’ve got tons and tons of files that are of 1 Gig or larger in size to back up, and this would make it so much easier than using RAR to split them and burn to CD’s if its a solid workhorse.

NEC-1100A DVD Writer @ NewEgg for $159.00 US

So to those who’ve been working with one of these, are you happy with it???

I’ve just not seen a definate majority saying its a good/bad drive, so I ask here, hoping I’m not offending by making yet another post on this already well posted about drive.

Many thanks to any/all who can provide me some reassurance either way.


1100A owner here. Using Nero (v551028) as the burning app, I’ve been very happy w/ the performance of this drive for the past 3 weeks. I’m using it exclusively to burn DVD backups (DVD-Video in Nero), and nothing else. FujiFilm 2.4X DVD+R media used. Burn time for full 4.38GB is 23 minutes. Not to shabby. Have no problem playing it on stand alone Sony DVD player and PS2. And I haven’t produced a single coaster yet. Guess I’m using the right combination of hardware and software. Knock on wood baby.

I’ll have to let it go though. But only because I bought a new Optorite DD0203 Dual format for $195 @ newegg. Mmm… dual format.

Wow, for only about $40 more, that Optorite looks pretty nice for features, esp the dual format…

Decisions decisions…(stares at empty bank account and dreams)


does anyone know if that drive is decent quality? cause that’s a excellent price for a dual format 4x drive…

Most of the things I’ve read tonight show mixed results early on, but I wasn’t checking how current some of the comments were on all threads I read.

If not for the hassle of returning it if something goes wrong, I’d be mighty tempted to sell my soul for another $50 to add to the $150 I have now to grab that one instead of the NEC 1100A.

Why can’t things be simple? :wink:


:bigsmile: That’s the same dilemma I went through last night thinking whether I should get another ND1100A (for my bro), or get the Optorite DD0203. But I ended up saying WTF, it’s $40 more and I get to write on the other format if one doesn’t work on the player. It’s a win win suituation since my bro’s getting my quality ND1100A and I"m getting a dual format drive for under $200.

If you have doubts, check this thread out over at CDRLabs talking about the Optorite.

Of course, you guys can wait for the in depth review on this drive to come out at CDRLabs. I think Ian @ CDRLabs is fondling a review sampel right now.

Waiting is the hardest part! :wink:

I’d just hate to see NewEgg run out of those drives at that price because I sat on the fence too long, but I guess it will be a gamble no matter what I do.

Sucks that I always lose when I bet on anything, and I mean ALWAYS. :confused:

Thanks for the link, gave me something to think over.


Well, I did it, my heart was in my throat, but I did it.

Plunked down every penny I had to grab an NEC-1100A drive from NewEgg. :eek:

Sure hoping I don’t regret it. Hoping to have it here tuesday if all goes well and they get it shipped tomorrow.

I miss the old days when I didnt ever get nervous over dropping any amount of money on pc hardware, now I sweat every single dime, prolly cause I’m living hand to mouth day by day. :confused:

Wish me luck!

Oh, and I read somewhere that there was a non-NEC page that had firmware updates for the drive, and now I can’t find a link, anyone know it offhand, assuming I’m remembering correctly??


You don’t need to update the firmware if your 1100A works fine w/ the shipped firmware, which should be 1.A0. There are mixed results w/ the 1.A1. Here’s the firmware page for the NEC ND1x00A.

BTW, DVD medias are gonna break your bank, not the drive.

Actually, DVD+ media around here isnt that bad compared to some of the prices I’ve seen online and read others quotes on.

Of course, a lot will depend on what media works well in my standalone player and other PC-DVD drives I guess.

I can snag a 5-Pack of 4X media (Memorex I think) for about $10 US here locally, and even cheaper if I dont mind a 40 minute drive to the city.

I know it’s not as cheap as CDR media, but being able to keep files that are over 700MB together instead of splitting them up over several CD’s with WinRAR will make it worth it to me for now, just in the time saved getting them back onto the PC when needed.

Thanks for the info and your original reply, Stoner, it was appreciated. I’m just gonna have this sick sensation in my stomach until it gets here and I burn some working discs with it. :Z


CDR-Labs has reviewed that drive (well a rebadged version of it NEC ND-1100A):

Ian gave it the Best Buy award too.

BTW: I bought the same drive from Tigerdirect for $139 but I had to pay for shipping.

The drive shipped yesterday. I should have it later this week.
Tiger also has some low cost DVD+R discs too.

Mine should be here tomorrow if FedEx doesnt blow it like they did last time I asked for 2 Day service.

I snagged a pack of Fuji discs for now, 4 DVD+R and 1 DVD+RW.

I figure I’ll use the RW for testing until I get the hang of things, then use the R discs when I’m sure I wont be making coasters.

Long term I’ll try to find a spindle of media if I can.

I hadnt thought of Tiger Direct, I’ll take a peek there, thanks for the mention Spazmogen!!!


I’m not quite as confident as you.

I ordered a 5 pack of DVD+RW discs until I make the switch from 6 years of cd-r’s to DVD+R’s.

Heh, I’m not confident at all right now, still got butterflies in my stomach about placing the order. :Z

I won’t order a spindle of blank DVD’s until I’ve worked with some re-writeable ones first to get the hang of the drive, and then used some regular blanks to test media compatibility with my standalone DVD players (SONY and APEX).

I’m not too worried about the APEX, for a $60 cheapo player it will play any disc I burn without hesitation. The high end SONY on the other hand is EXTREMELY media sensitive. It wont touch most CD-R’s, but will play CD-RW’s just fine most times. Go fig.

For now I’ve got my 4 R’s and 1 RW Fuji DVD blanks, and those will do for a bit. Locally I can get Memorex ones cheap, so those will be my second phase of testing. I’ve heard good things about Fuji, so I figured I’d start with those.

Tomorrow night the testing begins…(assuming FedEx doesn’t botch things up).


That’s weird. My cheap ass Mintek won’t play the DVD+R, but my high end Sony plays it perfectly.

BTW, you read this thread right?

Actually, I hadnt read it but thanks for the link, it confirms that what I had planned on doing in theory should work. :wink:

I’ve been ripping DVD’s to my laptop for many a moon now, but making DVD’s from files I have only on computer will be something new to me.

I have AVI’s and MPG’s of movies that are out of print or are insanely priced like some OOP Anime that I’d love to be able to burn off, but until the DVD burner, I couldn’t fit the complete file on one CD (most of em are 2 GB or so).

I know TMPEG will convert AVI to proper MPG format for DVD’s, or at least thats what one web page says. :wink:

I’ve got the drive installed now and doing my first burn on a DVD+RW for a test. Its at 36% done now so in a short bit I’ll know how well it works.

crosses fingers


First test worked like a charm on my standalone SONY DVD player.

Now to try something a little more complicated…OGG to DVD… :bigsmile: