Question to people who have BENQ1640



Ok quick questions

  1. is BSOB the latest F/W?

  2. What is all these “on” settings or what not people talk about w/ the drive

  3. What is the best media for this drive? TY?


Also my BENQ 1640 is actually just a SONY 810A crossflashed.

Is my sony crossflashed EXACTLY like a BENQ1640? I mean, will the quality of the burns be the same of an original BENQ 1640?



Latest firmware available is BSOB

Regarding WOPC, SolidBurn and Overspeed, please use the search function: it has been answered many times

Also regarding the best media there are already many answers. TY are the best with any drive, simply because they are the best media available until now.

You can find more informations regarding media reading threads dedicated to 1640 scans here and here and here and here

also this thread can be interesting

Sorry, I’m not able to answer about crossflashed drives :frowning:


Depends on who’s 1640 you like to refer to… :wink:
Hardwarewise Sony 810 and DW1640 are the same inside. Firmware/front/bezel differs. BenQ firmware has gone thru many revisions (as already mentioned by geno888) and can thus be concidered as “better” than Sony’s.

Keep in mind, every DVDRW drive is different, behaves different, burns different even when they are of same brand/model/revision. It all comes down to final factory calibration.

Noone can guarantee you good results because this (DVD burning) is not a “clone” science.
And there are many other parameters like; your HW/SW, burning application(-s), drives upper/lower filters, ambient temperatur, media, media temperature, wobble, phase of the moon,… did I left something out guys…? :smiley:

But from what I’ve seen here and experienced with my two 1640’s, these are some of the best drives you can own. Just remember to use good quality media.