Question....stupid? perhaps but reasonable nonetheless

Let’s say I’m making an image of a CD, for instance (i dont really have it but I checked on FAR CRY…with Alcohol 120. I downloaded the 1.3 update patch.

Is there a way where I can drop and drop files? Or should I go to NERO 6 and CLICK DATA CD…Add the image and then the update patch…

My friend tells me to keep a CD-RW full of patches, so that way it’s less of a hassle. But I hate it like that cause it’s not convenient or if i just lose the CD completely.

Anyway, I can make a good image (with ALcohol, CloneCD or Blindwrite) and then put it onto a cd with patches??/

please help! I BEG OF YOU! :wink:

Is there a way where I can drop and drop files? :confused:

If you mean having the patch(es), the game, and the copy protection all on 1 CD, then no it would not be possible without having a CD that can’t be run by Far Cry. You can use it to install, but that would be about it.

oh but i can add the data in with nero right…the image and then the update patches…

i you wanna add the patches to an image > open the image with winiso, magic iso maker, or ultraiso, add patches/save