Question: SlipStreaming A Windows CD With Service Pack 1 and 2?

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I have this question:
Is it posible to SlipStreaming A Windows CD With Service Pack 1 and 2 together? If yes. How is it done? Do I create an extra folder with the service pack 1 and do the integration as in Womble’s gide?

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Actually you want just service pack 2 as this contains all the fix from service pack 1. There plenty of program for free off the net that will slipstream the service pack 2 into the xp oem media to make it into xp sp2 cd.

I have found these instructions to work well. Or try this article.

Or use nLite

As per my guide ->

Or you can use any number of programs out there that will do it automatically for you.

SP2 contains all of the updates in SP1 as well. However it won’t contain anything past it’s release date which was 2004 or 2005 so you will still be quite a few updates out. It is however the lastest Service Pack around for XP.

If you download all of the updates after SP2 then you can also using nLite include them into the SlipStreamed disc to as it has this option in there.


I used nLite to slipstream service packs…


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I use to work at a PC repair shop & we did a lot of reformats. To save time we slipstreamed SP2 & patches into a windows install disk. I found this site to be very useful, it provides a very descriptive walk through & shows how you can add other programs into Windows (such as Office, etc).

Thank you for the link and info. I have already produced a Winkows XP SP2 boot CD, whowever. I have no tested it yet.
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