Question SATA/IDE adapter to USB and uses internal dvd drive

If I use this aliexpress link adapter will my DVD reader / writer drives lose their useful life expectancy and will they die?

How did you get at that conclusion?

someone told me that someone told me that the person said that the adapter has no chipset and this is bad for the useful life of the optical dvd drive will reduce its useful life. it is true?

No, it is not.

I’ve had this adapter for a long time now, but only use it to power up and quickly check the drive’s function. If you plan to use it daily, its USB 2.0 interface will really limit the DVD read/write speeds, it will start to choke around 16x.

do i have to buy usb 3.0 adapter? Doesn’t 2.0 support burning at low speeds and reading DVDs?

do these two models of adapter sata usb3 and 12V 2A power supply adapter work perfectly on optical DVD drives?

If you intend to use low speed, then the USB2.0 controller should be fine. I’ve no experience with that particular USB3.0 adapter, but this Unitek #1 or Unitek #2 controller seems to have better compatibility with optical drives.

i bought this adapter