Question Reguarding Virtual Drive Reading

I hate to sign up just to ask a question, but ill bookmark your site if I have more ^.^

Anyways, I used Alcohol to create an iso of Warcraft 3: TFT and mounted it onto my Nero virtual drive. The problem is, I tried to play the game and it said to insert the disc!

Any solutions?

Welcome Draygonia,

this thread will help you creating a backup of Warcraft 3 describing all necessary steps.

I believe that thread is about burning a CD, my virtual drive has been mounted with the ISO from warcraft 3. The only problem is getting the application to read the drive as a disc.

You have to recreate your image using your original an iso copy won’t work so follow the steps in the mentioned thread you’ll probably have a working backup.

You could also try using the original WC3 disc image to play TFT. Some have reported having better luck doing that.

If you intend to run the game from a virtual drive, you should use either alcohol’s virtual drive or that of Daemon Tools (the nero virtual drive won’t work for this purpose).

Hah, I didn’t even notice that. I thought he was using Alcohol (since it’s posted here).