Question reguarding installing nero 6.6



Hi everyone ,
In my computer now I have software that was installed by the manufacturer of my pc , which is for the Benq 1620 pro 16x dvdrw dl and the LG cdrw 52x drives its sonic record now , ( I think its part of Roxio) and also intervideo windvdcreator 4 and intervideo windvd creator 2 and nero express version 6
when I install my new version of nero 6.6 uploaded the full $100.00 version should I Uninstall the record now , also intervideo windvdcreator 4 and intervideo windvd creator 2 as well as nero express or do I only have to Uninstall nero express and leave the rest even tho they do the same stuff that the full version of nero 6.6 does , Will it cause crashes or any problems or cause the nero 6.6 not to work properly if I don’t unistall those programs


I have numerous DVD softwares on my PC, including Roxio and Nero, and have no conflicts or problems. Others have reported problems. Only way to find out for sure, is to go ahead and install NERO. If you start having problems, uninstall Roxio…


I too have Nero , Roxio , Record Now (albeit an old version) & numerous other DVD softwares installed & so far have experienced zero conflicts. The main thing to avoid is Nero’s INCD & Roxio’s Drag2Disc running at the same time, this is what probably causes the problems that people experience.