Question reguarding burning seasonal content

A while back, I got the xfiles season 5 on dvd and had a friend come over who showed me how to rip it to my computer before borrowing it. As you might guess, it came back to me in less than pristine condition (wouldn’t even play on my dvd player). When he ripped it, he arranged it on my comp with a folder for each disk and a folder for each episode that’s on the disk within the disk’s folder, each episodic folder containing the dvd files. The folders all contain converted avi files as well so I can watch them each on my computer. My question is how would I go about putting multiple episodes on a dvd. The files for each episode match in file name(for example, every episode has a file named “video_ts.bup”), so when I try putting more than one episode on to the same dvd it says that a file wiht the same name already exists. Please help! I can’t live without my xfiles!