Question regarding the MIT FujiFilm -R discs

I could not find anything specific thru the search function so here goes.
How good - or bad - are the FujiFilm 8x -R MIT discs???
My manager wanted to grab some -Rs and since Best Buy had the 25 piece spindles of the FujiFilm on sale for 9.99 I was gonna get those for him but I opted for the Verbatims 8x -Rs. But those were 19.99.
So … how are those Fuji MITs??
Also, for my manager’s benefit, what -R discs should I look for on sale??
I only buy Taiyo Yuden +Rs for myself so I am sorta cloudy on -Rs discs

Thanks guys…

The MIT Fuji 8x -Rs are most likely ProdiscF01. You’ll have to search for that media code for results with different burners; I don’t think there is any universal judgment one can make on it.

Smart move to go with the Verbs, definitely better quality than the overpriced Prodisc. :wink: EDIT Anyways for -R, it’s the same as +R. TY and Verbatim (MCC)

According to VideoHelp, 8x Fuji’s are either gonna be TYG02, FUJIFILM03, or ProdiscF01. TYG02 is easy to tell since it will say “Made In Japan” instead of “Made In Taiwan”, and of course, is great media. ProdiscF01 is the one I’ve run into in the past, and boy does my Plextor hate it… I only burn it at 4x, and the scans come out worse than old ProdiscS03 4x media did at the same speed! FUJIFILM03 I have not had the pleasure of testing.