Question Regarding Sound Files and Copyrights



This may not even be a great place for this. I’ll move it promptly if not.

I’ve got a question, as the title states already, about the copyrights on sound files.
I pulled a sound byte from youtube and am currently unable to do jack-squat with it.
As far as I know, the length is short enough to fall under fair use, its strictly not-for-profit use and I don’t intend on doing anything illegal with a 10 second sound clip.

But I’m still looking to remove this copyright so I can use it as a short clip for a vid, and even strictly as a soundfile.



Copyright is a legal term, with very specific rights assigned to the owner of the media, and cannot be removed by anyone working with said media. Fair use rights are the legal uses of copyright protected material, and are supported in law and in court cases for certain circumstances.

You must be referring to the copy protection placed on the file.
But many people copy material from Youtube with no such issues, so perhaps your copy has been corrupted in download?

It is possible to use a screen recorder to capture what is played on your computer, if the regular Youtube recording methods (like the Video DownloadHelper addon for Firefox) fail for you.


Right, thats my bad. I should have been a little less murky with the language. Sorry! Sorry everybody!
Point was, I do need a way around the copyright protection, and I’m not using the files for illegal purposes, nor obtaining them through illegal means.

I have had this issue before with a few certain youtube rips, and eventually just gave the project piece up.
In any event, I’m not sure why it does such a thing, but it looks like I’ll be working my tail off for this piece.
I was really hoping that after the cutting/pasting fiasco’s I’d be finished… Guess I can go back to square one.

Thanks for that handy info! Of course, I’m always open to more suggestion.


Have you tried just getting the flash video with this ?