Question regarding Scan?

I’m not sure on reading acceptable levels of C1 C2 errors, but I don’t think this scan looks good. The drive has the latest firmware and Nero CD-DVD Speed is as well the latest release.

Opinions on scan please.


Your scan is ok. for a rewritable. There is nothing wrong with this scan except that PI errors are not as low as we see on normal dvdr burned by a BenQ. Just try burning a dvdr and make a new scan to see how that looks.

Thanks Cor808, I just tried burning a TDK ricohjpn non-RW and nero showed stopped at 4% but the Nero counter was still counting down. Unfortunately when the countdown reached zero the elapsed time counter continued. The drive was flashing red the entire time and I received no error messages. I had to pull the plug on the computer to turn the drive off.

Score: 1disc = 1coaster

Has anyone encountered a similar circumstance?


That’s to bad, …I made many coasters with my Lite-on LDW411S.
We’re lucky that the price of media is quite low.
What did you try to burn and at what speed, and what’s the Nero version. Maybe you need to give more info of about your pc, so other peolple can help you to solve your problem.

Hey NorseMyths I just bought the same drive and mine is acting really weird (something for another topic) I tried making a test disc and reading it back with the same type disk you have and this is what I got, certainly a lot worse than yours…

That scan does look worse than mine, I didn’t realize that RW discs never gave the same burn quality as normal discs.


Hi Cor808, I did the burn using Nero which is the latest build. My computer is a AthlonXP3200 with a nForce2 CS with the latest nVidia drivers. Speed was 8X.


I know that are some issues about nvidia drivers and dvd rw . Try using the microsoft drivers for the partucular ide where the dvd rw is installed

I’ll revert back to the MS drivers and see if it becomes more stable.