Question regarding nvidia6800 and SLI tech

few days i was just getting information abt latest graphics cards…checking rating and prices i found two graphics cards that had gud rating…
256 mb
one was nvidia 6800 extreme series
other was nividia latest 7800 gtx
their performace was great…but while checking prices… 7 series was like 600 usd and 6800 was like 400 usd …but then i read abt SLI tech… i am thinking that if someone have a SLi supported board(with 2 16x pci express slots)…he can buy a single 6800 card for the time being …and then after few months when prices r down buy another 6800 card and enable SLI mode … is it possible to have one card adn then attach another after a while ???
and aslo which is better for performace
dual 6800 cards in SLi mode vs single 7800 GTX???

for dual cards in SLI mode …is it necessary to have both with card of same vendors ?? like if asus made first card …then card card should be of asus as well …

SLI will give the better performance but you will have to get exactly the same card as even different manufacturers of the same card can cause problems sometimes.

Personally I would get the 7800gtx, in fact I am buying a 7800GT at the moment, but both machines will give you excellent performance.

thanks for ur suggestion …:slight_smile: do tell us abt ur experience of 7800 gtx when u will get :slight_smile:

Not Quite. From recent benchmarking it has been found that only the GPU needs to be exact and the same memory Bandwidth makes a difference. My two cents: One 7800GTX is not as powerful as two 6800GTs in SLI. I can get two 6800GTs for the same price as one 7800GTX, and benchmarks 3500 average points higher. (in 3D Mark 03) which is why I’m going that way.