Question regarding install

I have an .iso image of Jedi Knight II and I have mounted it with Daemon Tools as my F: drive. The reason for this is because until I get my new hard drive, I have limited space. I click on autorun and it installs with no problems (that I am aware of). But I found out that I can not play single player, only mulitplayer. I looked in the installed folder and there is no jk2sp.exe file. I have the jk2mp.exe, but not the .exe for singleplayer. I then looked at the .iso file using Daemon and isobuster and there it is, under the Gamedata folder like it should be. Why will this no install when mounted with Daemon?

I have searched and searched this forum for a week and I can not find the answer that I need, or in the language that I can understand. Also, please forgive me if I have stated something wrong. This is my very first post, but I really do like this forum. More information than one can consume. Thanks for any help.

mounting an image means u are taking more space. try buying the game

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I would recommend buying it also. or a bigger harddrive. or buy a second smaller (2 gig or so) and putting the game there.