Question regarding HD light and dru-800A

i just got a new drive recently (Sony DRU-800A) and i noticed that as it was burning, the Hard Drive light was flashing in unison w/ the DVD writer’s light…ive never noticed this w/ my DWD22A…is this a problem w/ firmware or some internal settings? (i have the setup w/ 800A at master and D22A as slave). Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

um…any1 have the answer for the above? :frowning:

that’s normal!!!
You can disable it with the omnipatcher!

my sony dru-800a burner wont burn at 16 times…or 8 or 4 …in fact no matter what i do the fastest it will burn is like 1.4 to 1.6 times…help!!!

Can you tell us what brand of discs you’re using? Run them through Nero CD-DVD Speed to get the Media ID.

What firmware are you using? Is DMA enabled for your optical drive(s)?

hi…i am currently using fuji but have used every imaginable brand all with the same result…it came with firmware ky01 which has been updated to ky06 …and i have enabled the dma …