Question regarding DVD burning

If you using ‘DVD Shrink’ to burn DVD’s, why is it neccessary to have another
software burning tool like ‘Nero 6’?



dvd shrink doesn’t have it’s own burning engine

As the above reply correctly states, DVDShrink cannot burn. It can do many things, but it does not have the ability to burn anything. Period.

The author did add the abiliaty to try to automate the process of backing up a DVD, so users can tell the program to automatically start up a burning program such as Nero, and burn the result that DVDShrink has just created. He also added the same ability to automatically start up DVDDecrypter, and begin to burn using that program. However, DVDShrink is a piece of software that cannot burn, and the author never intended it to be a burning tool.

On some systems, the result of this is so good that the user does not even realize that he is actually using some other program to perform the actual burning. This has led to a lot of confusion. I have seen posts on these forums from people who used the program hudreds of times, for months and months, and never even realized that DVDShrink was just starting up another program – after it was finished – and then directing that second program to perform a burn.


Thanks, all. I have Roxio Creator 6 software, which came with my burner.
I quess my Creator 6 kicks in and does the burning once DVD Shrink does
it’s thing.

Thanks, again.


That doesn’t really make sense.

I don’t touch DVD Shrink often, but is that even possible?

The only burning software that DVD Shrink will call is Nero if you have it but it’s not really necessary.

With DVD Shrink you can create either a disk image (ISO file) or the individual video files (VOB, IFO & BUP).

I can’t remember with Roxio 6 whether it can burn the individual files to DVD or not. However, it will burn a disk image file so with no other software that would be the route to take.
Another however, for burning disk images I always use either DVD Decrypter or Imgburn both of which are free. Imgburn is a subset? of DVD Decrypter which is still being developed and only burns images & probably a better burner than Roxio or Nero.

Hope that helps.

Thanks, TimC.