Question regarding DSL



guys i want to know abt DSL …i have a cable connected to a lan…
but i am planning to buy a DSL… the problem is that i am bond to use just 1 GB traffic…with a link of 128 k … i dunt know abt my usage … bcoz in lan i dunt have connection logs… to check information abt bytes send andreceive … so how should i calculate that 1gb will be enough for me or not. ??? i usually use msn, yahoo and aol 24/7 hrs… and browers … i guess may be 2 hrs daily … but i do downloads …and i have always scheduled a download … so tell me guys if u have DSL … 1 GB limit is enought for a single user ?? if u have a 1Gb limit will u satisfy with it ???


1gb is horrible and not good enough for most ppl , there are softwares for bandwidth mesauring i dont know any have a search in google,
anyway 128KBPS is redicules its incredibly slow and really not worth it its just a bit about 8% faster then 56k