Question regarding .ccd .img and .sub files

Hi, I’m new to clone cd and I’ve searched the forums for an answer but I couldn’t find one.

I know that to burn an image using clonecd I need an .img .ccd and .sub files. I’m trying to burn the .img to a cd. I have the .img file but the .ccd and .sub files are missing. Is there any way for me to burn the .img file using clonecd or other program? I tried switching the .img extension to an .iso extension and burning it into nero. That resulted in a lovely toaster.:confused:

It sounds like you downloaded the image and sounds like piracy. Please read the rules before posting.

fcsteaua, forgive us for being a little skeptical. If you only have the .IMG file and your original has been damaged/lost/stolen then Private Message me or mail me.