Question regarding book type

Ok I’ve seen this term being thrown around alot lately and I don’t have a clear understanding of it and it’s significance.

I keep hearing people say that they want to be able to “bookmark” their media as “rom” instead of +r, or -r. To me this would make it so that backups were to be treated as original copies and therefore playable of device that wouldn’t normally play “backups”.

Am I on the right track?

Because I’m not quite sure of the terminology to use I don’t know what to look for. So if anyone has a FAQ or link that explains this a little better I would appreciate it.

And if it matters, I just picked up a NEC ND-1100a from a dell system, is this drive capable of doing a the above?

Well I just happened to come accross which had a FAQ on the subject so I know a little bit more now.

It appears there isn’t a way to specify the book type (that’s the correct term) on NEC drives, however I don’t know if that is still true.

But I am still curious as to what affect that has on back up copies of ps2 and xbox type back ups.

First point :

Just for the record, neither DVD-ROM nor DVD+R(W) specifications
mention a “Book Type”. This weird name was invented by some Pioneer
guys the night they decided (under crack influence I presume) to
rename half of the fields from the DVD-ROM format. Quite ironically,
this mistake is now mainly propagated by The correct
name of this field is simply “Disc Category”.

Second point :

Nobody is breaking any law by allowing Disc Category to be set to
zero, since this problem is specifically addressed in the latest
DVD+RW specification, and the standard clearly encourage vendors
to allow the DVD-ROM value to be written. So you can safely bet that the
Disc Category can be changed on NEC drives too, someone just needs
to investigate how.