Question regarding an audio CD skipping

Hello all,

I am not sure if anyone can help but guess it doesn’t hurt to ask. I have an audio cd that I purchased in the early '90s (not a burned or copied cd) that plays fine in a standard CD player or a portable cd player but skips quite frequently throughout the whole cd when I try playing or ripping tracks on my computer. I have tried two different computers, one uses Windows 2000 Pro with Windows Media Player 9 and the other uses Windows XP Pro with Windows Media Player 10. I have also tried using Real Audio Player on my XP machine without success. I read one article that suggested that I change the playback mode from digital to analog, but that did not work either. What is causing this problem and is there any way to rectify the problem. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

computer drives are generally more finicky then stand alone players when it comes to playing media. Try gently rubbing the disc with pledge or another type of light polish. Wait a minute then polish off the disc. Try it again in your puter drive and if it works make a copy and give thanks… LoL

Scan the CD for quality and you’ll surely see that they were badly pressed.

Thanks for your suggestions.

chef, I am not sure how to scan the cd for quality. What application would I use to perform this scan and what process do I need to follow with that application? Thanks again.

“disk quality” test and “Scan disk” test