Question regarding advanced x video converter

i used this program convert avi files onto cd and it worked great (other than the fact that i cant seem to scan through them cause it will freeze)

however, my question is about the “all to dvd” option.
this is what i chose since the original file (mpeg) is 800 mb before conversion to mpeg2/dvd.

after waiting over 7 hours for this to ‘convert’
i woke up to find 3 files:

  • first one is 2.72 gigs in size and ends with: _output
  • second one is about 84 megs and ends with: _output_aud
  • third file is 2.59 gigs and ends with: output_vid.m2v

i tried burning with decrypter as well as nero but they fail to even see it.

help please.

First thing: Turn on file extentions for known filetypes, it will make some things easier. I’ll assume _output is a .vob or .mpg, and _output_aud is an .ac3 or .mp2.

From that assumption, we can go ahead and say _output_aud and _output_vid.m2v are intermediate files. _output is the video and audio joined together. At this point, you need to pass them off to a good DVD authoring program, have a look in VideoHelp’s guides for authoring a basic DVD. These programs either will want the video and audio streams separately (_aud and _vid), or will just be able to take _output. If you want to make a menu, you can do it in these programs as well.

I wanna know how to convert and burn video files? please help

Do 2 minutes of research yourself. :stuck_out_tongue:

appreciate the help.

i turned of the extensions option, and here are the extensions:

  • 2.7gig file is .mpg
  • 83 meg file is .mpa
  • 2.5 gig file is .m2v

the resaon why i didnt think i would need to author this is because when im making a VCD with the same program (advanced x video converter) i judt drop the file that it creates into nero(vcd) and it plays on a dvd player.

i just assumed I would get the same results with dvd since its the same program (that the end file will be something i can just drop into nero(dvd))

the weird thing is that my original file (approx 800megs) was a .mpg

and now advanced x video converter simply seperated video and audio, and made larger mpegs?

what would you recomend as a authoring program?
is there any free ones that are good? (i wouldnt mind paying for one but have no credit card)
im still new to dvd burning (only got my first burner recently), and i thought i had all the main tools i needed (decrypter,shrink,voblanker,avi2dvd,advancedxvidconverterdemo)

ok, i also just noticed that the quality of the output file is WAY worse than that of the original file!

so i went from 800meg good quality to 2.6 gig bad quality…

Yeah, that can happen when you use some no-name software with an X in the title.

Chances are, you may be able to just author the original mpg file as a DVD, if it is a DVD standard resolution, or even if it’s not. VideoHelp has guides for VCD and SVCD on DVD, and the only thing you need to reencode is the audio.

I doubt that your advancedxvideoconverter has a good encoder. Like one of the other posters stated, you should do some research on aka There are plenty of tutorials, guides, and free software that will help you do what you want to do.