Question regarding a Pioneer DVD-RW Drive and Taiyo Yuden discs

My computer’s optical drive is a Pioneer DVD-RW DVDR-K12D. My stack of Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD-Rs has a warning on them mentioning how the discs aren’t compatible with drives that don’t comply with the new DVD-R specifications for the 8x writing speed.

Anyway, it directs me here:

I’m sure many of you know of this already, but I’m new to Taiyo Yudens and I’ve never seen this warning with anything else I’ve gotten.

But I’m guessing that I should be okay since I got my laptop in 2004. And anyway, if I write at only 2x, I should be fine, right?

Sorry if this is a really newbish question. I just want to make sure before I try these new DVD-Rs out.

Just let it burn :smiley:
If your drive supports 8x burning, thats what u use. If u go slower, even 4x, the burn quality may decrease. TY is the best as long as it is genuin.

Hmmm… well the highest my drive can burn is 2x. I thought that there was a smaller chance of errors when you burned at a lower speed.

2004 is the time I bought my Asus laptop too. It came with a TSST double layer burner 8x max. So i think yours should support 8x writing. Try different media and use CD-DVD speed from to tell the info. Check if your firmware is up to date. See if UDMA is enabled: MyComputer>Properties>Hardware>Device Manager>IDE ATA controllers. In win XP it should show either UDMA2 or UDMA4 depending on the drive.
P.S. Burning at lower speeds is mostly relevant to CDs and burning of 16x certified dvds at 12 or 8x. Burning 8x cert dvd at 2x will increase the errors.

Osma, the rudimentary explanation why an 8x-certified media should not generally be burned slower than 8x is because the dye is formulated for the power from the laser at that speed. Some medias (like Taiyo Yudens) can even be “oversped (in several cases, but not all),” or burned at a higher speed because of the high-quality dye and manufacturing. A counterexample to this would be something like RitekG05, which is generally poorly manufactured, so although certified for 8x, might only give you a decent result at 4x or 6x. In a slightly different example, some burners might burn an MCC004 (16x-rated DVD+R from Verbatim) at 16x with good quality, or actually only support 12x by its firmware, but give better quality than a 16x burn.

The “burn slower than rated speed” mainly applies to burns for CD media, where if you have a 48x-rated media, it has been suggested that 32x would be the highest one would want to go for best quality on data, and some people even burn audio tracks at slower than 32x. So don’t get the burning speeds on CD media confused with DVD. :wink:

Hmmm… I had no idea that burning DVDs at lower speeds than they were made for was a problem. I’ve never updated my optical drive’s firmware, but I don’t see how that would enable it to burn at 8x… I know its top speed is 2x because when I use Nero, that’s the fastest speed the program lets me go to.

I figure the easiest thing to do is just to buy a USB external DVD-RW drive. It’d take a lot of stress off my laptop anyway, since burning makes it turn so warm.

Makes me kind of feel like I’ve wasted my money, though ~_~ I wanted to test these out so badly, too… Not that I could find 2x or even 4x Taiyo Yuden DVD-Rs on Rima’s site. Meh…

What defines max burn speed is not a Nero version and not even what it says on the media itself! If your drive was built before the TY 8x disks were out then naturally they are not supported and the drive has no clue what to do with them. Thats why u can start with flashing the drive with the latest firmware. Then it’ll take like 8 minutes for a burn and the note wont heat up so bad.
So dont give up so easily, buddy :slight_smile:

Sorry about the confusion, mate. I just looked up your drive’s speccs and strangely enough it burns at 2x max for -R media. So it does look like u’ll need an external model or a new internal slim for your notebook…

Heh, figures. Thanks for the info, though. What’s its maximum DVD+R writing speed of it?