Question re twin peak and vice city

hi folks. sorry if it’s been asked before. i ran a search and didn’t find what i need to know, so i thought i’d post in this newbie forum.

i’m making a backup of my australian gta vice city ‘play’ disk and so far i have got my information from and and and have a somewhat decent idea of what is going on…

BUT… my #1 question regards writing the patched.ccd “with unmodified subs” as black check states on the first page i linked above

ow to use it ?

I suggest to try this on an RW disc first. You’re likely to produce lots of coasters…

  1. Create a clonecd image of your disc. (with subchannel)

2… Use blindwrite’s bwa builder to generate a bwa file. 8x Speed usually gives good results. A maximum sector range of 50000 is enough for the current version of Securom, because only the first region is checked by the loader. The resulting curve should look as in the image above. Some drives seem to be unable to produce very clean diagrams. In this case download a mds file for your game from . You can convert the mds file to bwa with the blindwrite tool

  1. Run TwinPeak. Select your ccd image and bwa file. Choose a twin sector step. If you don’t know what value to use here , 15 , 6 and 50 have been confirmed to work on many drives. Choose the maximum size your cdr can handle and click the start button.

  2. Now use CloneCd to write the patched.ccd image. ( with unmodified subs )

i tried silly things like renaming the original vity city.sub to patched.sub and clonecd said the sub doesn’t match. i tried writing the patched.ccd as it is (with the ptched.sub) at 8x on a cdr-w and it doesn’t work.

if anyone can tell me how to get around this “unmodified sub” issue…i’ll send much love :slight_smile:

thanks in advance

in case it makes any difference… my drive = HL-DT-ST CD-RW GCE-8481B which i think is an LG brand drive. (my system is a prebuilt dell 4550)
i run xp pro
i used clonecd to get the original .ccd
i have a bwa i made myself (which i used to make the unsuceesful disk) and i have a bwa i downloaded from
i used the default 15 step on twinpeak
i am getting confused

See this thread for how to make a twinpeak copy with CloneCD.