Question - Re: Splitting

Hi all, hopefully this should be a quick answer as to whether it can be done or not.

If I have a movie that I want to backup that is very long and has the both a Dolby and a DTS soundtrack plus other like Director etc. When you split the disk does it presereve the DTS and the Dolby streams to both of the slpit disks or does it just backup the Dolby. Bearing in mind I have selected to keep all the sound tracks.

I was wanting to preserve the entire original disk across 2 x DVD5 disks in its original format. This to me is a much cheaper way than using a Dual Layer and I don’t mind getting up and changing the disk.

The question is - Would it be the same identically as the original in all ways.


Should be identical. Split has no Title/Audio/Subpic options and copies it all as far as I know. I do splits manually using Customize mode for greater control over things like this.:slight_smile:

You could always use a program such as DVD-RB and keep everything and put it to one SL disc…chances are you won’t see a difference in the quality.