Question re: problems burning DVDs

I have a TDK external DVD burner. I have noticed that sometimes when I burn DVDs that at a certain point in the playback that the image will pixelate and the DVD will stop playing. I have no clude what is causing this, and so I don’t know how to fix it. I have read that using labels on DVDs isn’t a good idea, and that you should use a felt tip pen to label it. Yet, I have no idea why – or what the downside is to using labels. Is it the labels that are causing my DVDs to pixelate and stop playing? Anyone have any ideas or information on this?

The label (sticker I presume) just adds about 1mm thickness to the DVD disk. Some DVD players won’t be able to handle that extra thickness. But it shouldn’t cause the pixelation, though it might cause skipping or slight pauses. Try using a felt tip pen and see if that helps.

Also, try:

  • Cleaning the disk drive with a special disk drive cleaning disk.
  • A different burning program.
  • Different ripping methods (if any).
  • Test in another DVD player (with and without the label).

Make a note of where it stops playing on each disc. Is it the same place on each?