Question re: printing disc labels--2 per sheet


I designed a disc label in Nero 6 Cover Designer and I want to print the design onto a label sheet with 2 disc labels per sheet (same design on both labels). In Cover Designer, I don’t see where to tell it to do that. When I print preview, it only shows the label in the upper right, leaving the bottom right blank (where the 2nd label is). The paper stock I’ve indicated is a custom one (because it didn’t have the correct pre-designed template). The custom one I’ve designed has two labels per sheet.

What am I missing?

Click on the “Disc 1” tab at the bottom of your screen ( not the “Booklet front” or “Booklet rear” screen), press Contol “p” to print. In the Print dialogue box click on the “elements” tab. Uncheck the “Booklet front” and “Booklet rear” boxes. Towards the bottom of the dialgue box where it says “copies”, click on the upward pointing arrow until you have 2 copies chosen. The second label will then print at the same time as the first with one pass through on your printer.

skrootayp, you should read this thread about disc labels:
The same applies to CD-Rs in my experience.

I haven’t experienced paper label problems for CDs (as compared to DVDs). Is this paper label problem exclusive to DVDs?

~according to the thread DRF provided, DVD’s have much finer “tracks” that the laser reads making the laser pickier about what it reads on DVD’s. a few folks in the thread mentioned problems with CDR’s but mainly everyone concurred on the DVD dilemma. if you read the first post it pretty much explains it.

thank you both for the help & direction!

No, I’ve had the problem with CDs, too. After removing the label, the CD was readable.