Question Re-Different DVD Fromats

Can a dvd that is PAL format, be changed to ntsc (usa) format? and how? using what software.

Thank you for any advice.

The only advice I can give is from this link. You can copy either NTSC or PAL format movies, but not to each other with 1clickdvdcopy, which is what I use. That implies there is some program that can reencode it, but I couldn’t tell you what at the moment. If I find something, I’ll post the link here in another message. :wink:

Can I convert a DVD to another format, like PAL to NTSC?

“Although you can copy both NTSC and PAL DVDs with our software, you can’t convert between formats.
NTSC and PAL are broadcast formats which are very different. The frame rate and resolution of each are not the same are require that the video be reencoded in order to convert between formats.”

Try this thread:

It mentions programs that reencode and steps on how to do it, although a few intermediate steps may be left out. However, this should get you most if not all the way there. Good luck, f650! :wink:

What’s wrong with the search option. :rolleyes: