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Got a question for the forum. I have a Plextor 716a for my computer right now. Problem is my motherboard/power supply had a short. Bought a new computer. Now the question is: Should I keep the 716a or should I move up to the SATA drive as my motherboard supports both. Thanks for your help.

I have a ABit NFS 2.0, and use IDE DMA 2, with no problems…

It`s more a personal option yours…

The Plextor should work fine with both of them!

Definitely get rid of that old 716a and get a new SATA.

You can ship that rusty old 716 to:

c/o ftp1020
In front of a monitor
Somewhere, somplace

Seriously … unless you’re planning on running a hard & optical drive farm, do you have a real need for SATA?

Yeah, SATA is seeeriously overrated atm.

I believe (someone correct me if I’m wrong), that the SATA 716 is just a normal 716 with an SATA bridge chip; If that’s the case, it will actually be microscopically slower than a normal 716, but even if it isn’t there is no real point in replacing a perfectly good 716 with an SATA one - You will get practically no benefits, but probably some compatibility problems (Stupid SATA drivers!)!

Thanks for your help. I was just wondering about it. I have TY02 disks, and whenever I burn them at a higher speed, I seem to have quality problems When I burn them at 8x I seem to be in the 95 range in Nero Quality Check. Guess I will need to see how it works on the new computer when it gets here.

lately YUDEN000 T02 hasn’t been all that great (based on my experiences with Fuji and Sony branded discs). stick to burning them at 8X. keep the ATA version, SATA is unecessary unless you have limited/no available IDE channels. stick to SATA for your HDs instead.