Question on Winamp Media Player


I have been using the last and latest Winamp Player" nfor a long time. I am mainly into music.
However, when someone sends me a short video by E Mail and I click on the “Winamp” icon, (since it is my Default Player), I can’t see the video. Is there something I am doing wrong?
Also, Winamp seems to always tell you what is playing and the Artist even on Internet Radio.
I have been unable to find a media player that does that with Internet Radio. Is there a way to fix the video portion in Winamp ?


What format are they sending it in and did you have them verify it works before sending to you? You should ask them to load their Winamp and play the file to verify it works.


Thanks for your reply.AS it stands now, Winamp is no longer in business. They did one more update about 2 years ago.
Many people use Winamp such as myself. It works playing MP3’s and works on Internet Radio.
I was trying to play an MP4. I then tried another player “Aimp.” It would not open the MP4. Possibly it is no good.
It was sent by a friend. I am waiting to ask him what he opened his MP4 with. I appreciate your help.


Windows built in media player will open and play MP4 files, as will VLC media player.


. So you can still use “Windows Media Player” on Windows 10?



[quote=“ptfitzy, post:5, topic:399237”]
So you can still use “Windows Media Player” on Windows 10?
[/quote]Yes of course.
Right click on your MP4 file, then select ‘open with’ then select Windows media player.


Thanks a lot.


Personally, upon moving to Windows 10 I ran into a bunch of issues with Windows Media Player and playback. Given it was a clean full install of Windows 10 it wasn’t the result of a botched upgrade. I never found a fix and dumped using it. Not that I used WMP often but to quickly check a file it was quicker to launch. These days to do basic quick playback I use the Movies & TV app from the Windows Store which was free - probably still is - and it didn’t suffer any of the weird issues I had with WMP under Windows 10.


@ptfitzy,ditch the obsolete WinAmp and replace it by VLC…you can even apply a skin to make it look like WinAmp…


Thanks so much.
How do I download it? Do I first download VLC and then the extension or download Winamp and then the extension?
Also, depending what I download first, how do I add the extension?



Get VLC here :
Install it and get the .zip from the link from my previous post.
Then use the install note from this page :


Thanks a lot.
I’ll do that.


Roadworker, I have another question if you don’t mind. My last batch of CDR’s I purchased from “Sweetwater Electronics”. They were the Tai Yo Yuden’s.
I was told that any Blank CD’s made in China were terrible. I was told to stick to Japan. Any ideas I could find at “Best Buy” that you think are good quality?

I didn’t need to buy so many this time from Sweetwater.
Thanks, Phil