Question on Viewing Files I Put on a Disc

Ok I put some files onto a disc. I use the MemorexCD-RW rewritable discs. My drive is a Combo drive, 48X Write CD-RW, 16X DVD-Rom. So I take the disc out of my computer. Go to put disc back in computer and the whole comp freezes and I can’t double click the drive or anything. I can’t do anything until I take the disc back out of the drive then my comp goes back to normal. This happens on 4 different discs. The transferring of files seems to be ok, I just drag and drop them to the drive, then write them to the disc. I dont do this often but I have in the past with no problems and now for some reason I can’t access any of these discs I put files on. I was told spyware could be a problem, so I got SpySweeper and ran it and still no luck. ANY suggestions would be great as this is really frustrating. I’m running Windows XP with one of those cheap EMachines you see at Best Buy. Thanks guys.

First you should use better media and burn with verify.

Are you burning the discs as RW (drag & drop) or using RW as if it was a normal CD-R?
What package are you using to burn the disc?
What’s the maximum speed for the discs you are using? (you say your drive is a 48x for RW. thats strange as this is not a usual feature - the maximum I know is just 32x - some drives don’t like “fast” discs as others don’t like the “slow” ones (max 4x)).

i guess i’m using them as RW as i just dragged them to the disc drive, then copied them to the disc… i dont have any special software or packages as i only do this a couple times a year… and on the outside of my comp it says 48X Max Write CD-RW… any help would be appreciated

The 48x speed is for write once discs, for RWs your drive must have another speed (32x, 24x or 16x).
With all the problems associated to packet writting software, if you want to use RWs as such you have to use it (InCD, Drag to Disc, DLA, for instance).
If you only use XP to burn the discs you are using them as CD-Rs.
IF you write to them at different times (more than once), XP may become confused and I don’t know if it can add data to a disc already used before. But even if it does, at the end it will be difficult that XP can read the later sessions.
Using RWs with XP, requires you ask the O/S to delete (clean) it before any new use.
All together, it can be a reason why your machine gets frozen, but just a guess.

I did use Memorex discs with no problem (either CD-R and CD-RWs), but it may happen your machine doesn’t “like” them.