Question on Viewing Files I Put on a Disc

Ok I put some files onto a disc. I use the MemorexCD-RW rewritable discs. My drive is a Combo drive, 48X Write CD-RW, 16X DVD-Rom. So I take the disc out of my computer. Go to put disc back in computer and the whole comp freezes and I can’t double click the drive or anything. I can’t do anything until I take the disc back out of the drive then my comp goes back to normal. This happens on 4 different discs. The transferring of files seems to be ok, I just drag and drop them to the drive, then write them to the disc. I dont do this often but I have in the past with no problems and now for some reason I can’t access any of these discs I put files on. I was told spyware could be a problem, so I got SpySweeper and ran it and still no luck. ANY suggestions would be great as this is really frustrating. I’m running Windows XP with one of those cheap EMachines you see at Best Buy. Thanks guys.

Boot into safe mode and then try loading one of that discs.