Question on v 1.2.0

why is my version show : C:Â¥MINORITY_REPORTÂ¥VIDEO_TSÂ¥


what is the problem? is that because I’m using the TRIAL version?

this will go away after registered?

Nope, it seems your systems language or font part is a bit screwed up.

The \ is replace by a Y, nothing to fear as it will not stop DVD2one from functioning correctly.

I understand that this will not stop the program to work, but hey if you decide to buy something you want it to show correct things on screen

Can you fix it?

thank’s man

No - you have to fix it yourself.
Its not dvd2one but your systems languagesettings/fonts that are somehow screwed up.

bruxelles5 - I have not answered your private message to me asking for a serial for version 1.20 - as I have said before in this forum I do NOT want people to send me these kinds of PM’s - and I will NOT respond in private but in public if they do.
If you want a serial - then buy it like I did, or find it yourself somewhere else - I am definately not going to send you mine !!!

I did make changes into my languages settings and everything is fine now.

the \ are show \

Now regarding the serial, forget about it. I will go ahead and buy the software, I was wondering about burning a FULL DVD and not the 30 min in the trial version.

But as I can read, everyone is happy with this software. So it worth to spend $$

thank’s man.

great - nice you got it fixed - and Im sure you wont regret buying it :slight_smile:

I, too, am seeing “E:Â¥DVD2One1Â¥VIDEO_TSÂ¥” instead of “E:\DVD2One1\VIDEO_TS”. For some reason the backslash (character code U+005C) is being replaced with a Yen symbol (character code U+00A5). What Font Type are you using for the Source, Destination, and etc. boxes? You have given us the ability to change the font size but not the type so I’m not quite sure what type I’m dealing with. I am located in the USA and I have my language set to “Western Europe and United States”. My keyboard layout is set to “US”. Basically this has been the way I’ve set it up since I started using Windows with Windows 3.0 (1990?). I’ve never seen this Yen for backslash problem with any other program from Windows 3.0 to my present computers running Windows 2000 and XP.
Please advise as to a specific solution for this problem.

I was thinking I fix it, but I was wrong

the YEN sign still there, I have try everything is my country setting

my setting is the same as the post above

what is the YEN sign doing over here???

As the post above again, i’m running XP and NO OTHER PROGRAM is switching the \ in to the YEN SIGN

So there is nothing to do with the country or keyboard layout setting.

Mister DVD2ONE can you help us?


Hrmm requesting code’s ehh…

Anyhow it seems there’s a bug in a unicode system somewhere, i will look into that…

I’ve been frantically going through character maps of every font on my system to try and figure this out. By any chance do the Source, Destination and etc. boxes use the “MS Gothic” font? It looks very much like what is displayed and it is the only font I have found so far that has the Yen symbol located where the backslash should be (at U+005C). Could that be the problem?

Ya when i open the program it says on my user face it says 4472 ME instead of 4472 MB?

I just upgraded to 1.2 from 1.1.3 and now I have the same problem. Seems to me that if I had a character problem that it would have occurred in both versions.

Anyone have success solving this issue or do you think the developers made a mistake?

Also, the font sizes are too large in the newest version.

Yes, it still works but as the other posted commented, for $43 I’d like to have it right.