Question on using a DVD cleaner on my burner

I’ve been using my DVD burner for a few months now. I was wondering if I should use the DVD cleaner I use on my player to clean my burner?

Ive been wondering if these work also, as I heard somewhere that you must NOT use any type of CD cleaner device in these writers…

I’ve been using this cleaner for a time and had no problems, but i don’t use it anymore
on my burners, it could damage the optical lens, so the best way would be, if you really
want to clean the lens, to bring the device to a store, which offers cleaning lenses etc.,
They use something like air dust, much better.

Unless you have good reason to suspect that it actually needs cleaning, DON’T

I’d like to second Matth’s post. :wink:

Thanks for the advice…I’ll follow it.