Question on the SSSCA and CD Burners

I read the article about the SSSCA and it is kind of confusing. If this act is passed then will this apply to CD burners like Plextors (which can copy almost any CD protections) ? I’d be really pissed if they passed this damn act :mad:

Even if this thing passes and is put on cd burners just dont buy them. Let them watch there sales plummet. Don’t go down without a FIGHT

Not to mention that you will not be able to use Linux or FreeBSD.
Wtf is the US gov, thinking about when they produce BS bills like this??

We need to make sure that voters and taxpayers remember bullshit like this at election time. Politiciains make me want to vomit. All the mudslinging and crap that goes on election time, its like kindergardners or something.

Voice your opinions and remember who signs this damn bill in to effect, for those are the ones that need to fall by the wayside.
If I had have about the dmca I would be bugging the crap out of my congressperson