Question on Ripping

i am wanting to make a 100 percent quality rip of my movies and tv shows i have bought on dvd to a HDD to play on my PS3 to protect the discs is there a program after i use anydvd to rip the microprotection off of the discs to then make them into a playable format also is there any way to keep all the menues as well like it was playing off the disc directly if its possiblei know u can do that with an ISO loader if the ripped disc is in a ISO but i dont believe the PS3 will read an ISO will it? . but anyways like i said i want full 100% quality ill keep it uncompressed since space isnt an issue any help is much appreciated thank you. but if i cant have the menus viewable within the file like you would on the disc i guess i can deal with out em thank you